When choosing liquid filling machine filling method,should be considered in addition to the characteristics of the liquid itself (viscosity,density,meantime,volatile),must also be careful analysis to the requirements of the product technology level and the structure and operation of filling machine equipment.

Take beer as an example,its main filling process requirements: one is to ensure enough carbon dioxide (CO?). Content (quality beer generally requires the weight of not less than 0.4%,ordinary beer not less than 0.35%); The second is to reduce the oxygen content (generally not exceeding 1 x,namely 1mg/L),so as not to change the flavor of the wine and even cause the deterioration during the sterilization and storage period and some reduction substances in the wine.

Therefore,it is necessary to maintain stable pressure and temperature during the filling process,so as not to cause turbulence. Theory and practice show that the fermented CO? The content is reduced with the decrease of pressure or temperature. If the beer contains CO? The weight percentage is A/,the wine cylinder table pressure is P when filling,and the wine temperature is similar to the next expression when the temperature reaches saturation, that is,M= 0.4p -- 0.008t + 0.298. Considering the vibration of mechanical equipment and the high temperature of bottle wall,etc. The effect of dissolution stability is slightly higher than the above calculation value (0.2-0.5) x Pa.

What Is The Selection Principle Of Liquid Filling Machine
Time: 2019-07-10