The duct tape is based on the heat of polyethylene and gauze fibers. It is a high adhesive tape with high adhesion and high viscosity, strong stripping force, anti-tension, oil resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, water proof and corrosion resistance. Features: duct tape is mainly used in cartons.


Do you know anything about non-woven fabrics?


Also called nonwoven fabric, is composed of directional or random fiber, is a new generation of environmental protection material, has moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, qualitative light, no combustion, easy to decompose, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, with low cost, reusable, etc. If polypropylene (pp material) is used.


How do you tell if the packaging is toxic?


At present, there are a lot of plastic bags, such as food, washing powder, fertilizer and so on. The vegetables and fruits bought in the supermarket and in the vegetable market are also in plastic tote bags.

What Is Duct Tape?
Time: 2019-07-10