The installation and commissioning of the equipment shall be carried out by the professional service engineer with many years of relevant experience.The equipment shall be installed and adjusted to the qualified acceptance,and the equipment shall enter the production state.


Provide free training for the operation and maintenance of relevant equipment,and provide detailed personnel operation and maintenance training programs,training contents.


The company provides one-year free after-sales service to the company in the warranty period.Provide lifelong maintenance,timely and quality maintenance service and technical support.


Timely provide equipment accessories,list of vulnerable parts and price,the safety inventory of vulnerable parts.


Regular routine service inspection.In order to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment in the long term,we provide one to two free on-site comprehensive services each year,and the service report will be provided and signed on the service card.


Mixer in order to cooperate with factory,as long as during the working hours,your equipment out of the emergency,you can immediately contact to our service engineer,in order to deal with the emergencies,caused by outage loss dropped to make your company,we guarantee that 24 hours after receiving the customer service reports (province) service engineer arrived at the scene within 72 hours (province) (with the exception of force majeure reasons).


In order to ensure that the personnel of your factory can correctly master the performance,operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment,in addition to the normal installation site technical training,the technicians of your factory are regularly invited to the factory for training.


In order to let your technicians know more about the relevant information of the equipment,we will arrange to send out the information and information of the equipment on a regular basis.Provide control software technical support to meet customer process production to improve the automatic system method and overall control.


What After-Sales Service Can Be Provided For Blowing Bottle Blowing Machine
Time: 2019-07-10