Remove all the lock shaft elastic ring and replace the broken lock shaft elastic glue block.


Replace the open mode track.


Replace the lock mold bearing 5202.


Check whether all the shingles are in good condition (extension rod, mold, base descent track, and mode track)


Check all extension cylinders to replace seals and solenoid valves when necessary.


Replace the copper sleeve of the manipulator and adjust the horizontal height.


Check for air leaks in all windpipes.


Clean all air-blowing solenoid valves necessary to replace seals.


Daily maintenance of bottle blowing machine:


1. The mould refueling, 2, the market guide series refueling. 3. Refueling furnace chain. 4. The embryo machine, conveyor belt, motor refueling. 5. Solenoid valve series with lubricating grease. 6. Electric eye probe, anti-light plate wiping, adjusting sensitivity.


China's industrialization and informatization are constantly improving, and development is an important strategy of the industry. Innovation is the source of power. Blowing bottle machine industry need to develop new market has become the development direction of the market.


Bottle blowing machine is a kind of plastic particles produced by the blow molding process into a hollow container equipment, the more common models include the use of PP and PE in a hollow in moulding blowing machine, bottle blow molding machine for daily use, the use of PET, PC or PP two bottle of injection blow molding machines, and new developed a multi-story hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding.

The Maintenance Of Bottle Blowing Machine.
Time: 2019-07-10