The biggest advantage of blowing bottle blowing machine is that the bottle mouth is not easily affected by the heating of the infrared lamp tube.Machine features:


 Adopt advanced microcomputer control system,stable performance;


Automatic feeding of conveyor;


Using infrared ray tube heating,the penetrating power is strong,the rotation of the flask is heated,the orbit is rotated,and the heating is uniform and fast and reliable.


The lamp tube,reflector width and height of the heating zone can be adjusted to suit the heating of the flask of different structure,and have the automatic heat discharging device to guarantee the constant temperature of the drying road.


Every mechanical action has a safe self-locking device.When a process fails,the program will automatically switch to a safe state.


Each action is driven by cylinder,not using oil pump,with no pollution,low noise,etc.


The gas circuit design divides the action and the blow air into three parts to meet the demand of the different pressure of the blowing bottle and the action.


Using high pressure and hyperbolic arm connecting rod locking mould,the locking force is strong;


The operation method is manual and automatic.


The safe and reliable unique valve position design makes the air path become clear.


The production process is fully automated and has the advantages of investment saving,high efficiency,convenient operation,simple maintenance and safety.


The bottle is free from pollution.


The cooling system achieves the desired cooling effect.


Install,start simple.


 The scrap rate was less than 0.2%.


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In order to save gas source,high pressure bottle exhaust recovery system can be purchased,which can save 10-15% of the gas source.


The Biggest Advantages Of Blow-Bottle Blowing Machine
Time: 2019-07-10