The Evolution of Filling Machines


Filling machines are mainly used for packaging food, beverages, capsules, tablets and other similar products. There are several types of filler machines, including agitator filler machines generally used for dry products such as flour or sugar; flow filler machines generally used for liquids, oils and thin food products; tablet filling machines that are generally used for small bottles, tablets or candy; and positive displacement pump fillers that are more versatile and can be used to package creams, gels and lotions.


Over the years, the type and quality of fill machines has drastically evolved. Low-quality filler machines can be quite troublesome and can result in spillage and dripping. There are some filling containers that are awkwardly shaped and are difficult to use. High-quality filler machines, meanwhile, are easier to handle, more efficient and are designed to package the different items more effectively.


Filler machines available today have the ability to package a wide variety of products, such as liquids, pastes, powders, tablets, granules, capsules and others. Not only can manufacturers find semi-automatic tabletop versions but they also have access to high speed production line machines and rotary fillers.


Almost every industry uses filling machines, like food, pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, petroleum and consumer goods. The most important benefit of filling machines is that they provide manufacturers an efficient method to deliver their product to the end-user. Filling machines are also useful since they help streamline the product filling task and reduce the time that is spent on packaging the product. The new and advanced filling machines also help reduce the labor that would be required to pack the products.


Filling machines are thus an important piece of equipment for manufacturers as they provide them an efficient and rapid filling and packaging tool. They are also necessary to deliver the product in its intended condition to the end-user.

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The Evolution Of Filling Machines
Time: 2019-07-10