Electrical insulating tape is divided into three kinds: one kind is black tape, insulation insulation function only, but not flame retardant is not waterproof, is now gradually eliminated, only on some civil construction electrical with others. The second is PVC electric flame retardant tape, which has insulation, flame retardant, and.


What are the food packaging materials?


With the improvement of people's living standard, more attention to the quality of life. The storage of food and the circulation in the market, the use of packaging bags is indispensable, and the safety of food packaging materials is also very important. Here are three common food packaging materials.


Why is the sealing machine blocked?


There are several reasons for the first failure. (1) heat sealing temperature is not enough Normally, for OPP material in compound bag, bag when the total thickness of 80 ~ 90 microns, heat sealing temperature up to 170 ~ 180 ℃; Compound bag made of PE.

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Time: 2019-07-10