The small-mouth filling machine automatically enters the bottle and is positioned twice intelligently by the locator to ensure that the filling nozzle is accurately inserted into the bottle,and the nozzle slowly rises during the filling of the liquid to completely eliminate the foam. This machine is particularly suitable for various shaped bottles that cannot stand upright because of the assisted positioning device. The filling accuracy of the machine is ±0.5%,and the bottle mouth is free from mucus contamination,which fully meets the GMP requirements.

Small bottle filling machine main technical parameters:

Filling range: 1-100ml

Number of mounting heads: 2-10

Filling accuracy: ±0.5%

Filling speed: 60-100 bottles/min

Motor Power: Precision Speed Adjusting Motor 0.5kw 220v 50Hz

Overall size: 2600×1000×1650mm

Net weight of machine: 200kg

Small bottle filling machine for bottles: round,square,flat,shaped glass bottles and plastic bottles,especially suitable for small mouth,wind spirits bottles,safflower oil bottles,perfume bottles,slender bottles and all kinds of bottles that can not stand upright type.

Small Bottle Filling Machine Related Parameters
Time: 2019-07-10