Many episodes from How Its Made talk about the different machines that partake in the creation of the product throughout the different stages of the production line. Furthermore,some of the products they show are either foods or beverages.


Many of us prefer to drink soda while others like bottled water,however they both involve the same type of equipment that transfers the gallons of liquid which is mixed in large tanks to the containers the liquid will fill,which end up in your pantries or refrigerators. Mass production wouldn't be possible if it were not for the machines that participate in this process,can you imagine doing all that by hand?


When you shop in a grocery store and you stroll up the condiments aisle,for the cookout later this week,you notice all the containers filled with ketchup,mustard,relish,and BBQ sauce which you could find in many grocery stores around the world. This is all made possible with these machines that bottle all sorts of edible or inedible things that allow these companies to mass produce them. 

Here is a brief walk through of the tedious tasks involved with these filling machines. (picture the narrators voice from How Its Made)


1. It is common for a container to be formed into a given shape under the same roof it will be later filled in. 

2. Next,depending on the company the container may be labeled before the filling process or after. 

3. The bottles or containers follow one by one normally in a single file line through a machine called rotary filling machine. 

4. The liquid is dumped into the funnel(s) of the machine where it is then dispensed into the containers designated to the product. Depending on the product being bottled it can range from 100 to 400 bottles filled per minute. 

5. These containers then exit the filler machine into the capping machine where the container or bottle is sealed. It then follows down the rest of the production line where these containers are bundled together so they can be shipped in large quantities.


So next time you're about to open a can of soup,or pouring a glass of apple juice,just think how it made it into your hands. Thanks to the innovative technology in today's society,mass production has become more cost efficient and less time consuming.


Rotary Filling Machines Make It Easy To Mass Produce
Time: 2019-07-10