Medical liquid filling machine generally including the alcohol filling machine can choose to order the filling capacity,the biggest can fill 5L. Apply to eye drops,eye drops,injection,oral liquid,alcohol and other non-granular liquids. This numerical control medicinal liquid filling machine is the use of a computer on the factors such as filling time,motor speed control,to achieve uniform,repetitive error minimal liquid filling way,widely used in medicine,chemical,food,beverage,cosmetics and other industries,applicable to small batch production.

Product features

This assembly line is suitable for quick filling and capping of materials.

It is convenient to change the hose,no pollution,sterilize and clean.

It is especially suitable for high nutrient solution,biological agent,poisonous,contaminated and corrosive material filling.

The machine is driven by compressed air,especially suitable for use in explosion-proof and humid environment.

With the use of screw and counter,the filling quantity can be adjusted accurately and can be visualized in digital form.

In the case of emergency stop,the piston automatically redraws back to the initial position and the filling stops.

The failure rate of the equipment is very low and the service life is long.

Introduction To Medical Liquid Filling Machine
Time: 2019-07-10