It's nothing other than the labels that are stuck around it. The labels over the bottle tells what it is,when was it packed,what is its expiry date,what are its uses and many such other vital information that we would like to know before buying that. This is where the use and importance of labeling a bottle comes. When you find a bottle of food or even a bottle of lubricant or all purpose oil,would you even bother to go near it? This is what that shows how significant is the role of a label around the bottle. The value of the bottled item is actually determined with the labeling that is done over it.


How do we label a bottle? In earlier times,the bottles used to be labeled and sealed by workers who are well trained in labeling. This explains that the whole process of making the label,cutting it,application of glue and the process of sticking the label around the bottle were all done manually. As we all know,manual work is always prone to errors and the output level will always differ. Therefore the need of inventing a machine which is fully automatic or semi automatic in functionality came up.


Functionality of Fully automatic Bottle Labeler: The fully automatic Labeler does not need any sort of manual labor engaged in the whole process. If the machine is switched on and is well equipped with all the necessary items like the label roll and the bottles,the labeling process will get completed without any hindrance. In a fully automated Bottle Labeling machine,the label with readily applied glue is rolled over the bottle and is given out as a completely labeled bottle. The main advantage of such Bottle Labeling machine is that they save a lot of time,money.These labelers are the ones that are mostly used in big manufacturing industries that can afford large investments. The machines will only need minimal maintenance and at the same time give a lot of profit to the industry in very small time frame.

How Does A Bottle Labeler Work
Time: 2019-07-04