Liquid filling machine can be widely used in the soy sauce,vinegar,fruit juice,milk and other liquid filling packing sealing,using 0.08 mm polyethylene film,its forming,quantitative filling,bag making,printing ink,such as cutting off all process automatically.The film is sterilized before packaging,which meets the requirements of food hygiene.

Main technical parameters of automatic liquid filling machine:

Filling speed (bag/min) : 1500-2000 bags/time.

Bag size (mm) : 240 ~ 320.

Upper film width: 393mm.

Lower film width: 422mm.

Vacuum degree: less than or equal to 200Pa.

Compressed air: greater than or equal to 0.6mpa.

Cooling water: greater than or equal to 0.15mpa.

Total power: 12KW.

Power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz.

Performance characteristics of automatic liquid filling machine:

The liquid filling machine is made of stainless steel,high - balance tank or self - suction pump.Bag size,packing weight,sealing temperature adjustment is convenient and reliable,production date ribbon printing,side seal,back cover,photoelectric tracking.

Application Scope Of Full Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
Time: 2019-07-10