Is my company in order to adapt to the current production companies such as food,medicine,cosmetic filling mass production and development of a high level automation,filling accuracy of high-grade filling machine,filling machine now has been unanimously praised by customers at home and is widely used in domestic small and medium-sized enterprises.On this basis,our company has developed the paste automatic filling machine and automatic filling machine.

The parameters of liquid automatic filling machine are taken as example:

Filling range: 5-5000ml(different models)

Filling accuracy: less than plus or minus one percent.

Machine speed: 30-60 bottles per minute.

Working pressure: more than 6 kg.

Working voltage: 220V.

Power consumption: 0.2kw/hour.

Size: 2000 * 950 * 1630mm.

Liquid automatic filling machine video:

Automatic liquid filling machine is divided into linear liquid from the shape of automatic filling machine and automatic rotating disc liquid filling machine,filling in the way can be divided into: since the fluid filling machine,piston type filling machine,negative pressure filling machine,normal pressure filling machine,etc.

Automatic liquid filling machine can be used as: round bottle,square bottle,flat bottle and shaped bottle.The material can be divided into glass bottles,plastic bottles and so on.

Application Case Of Liquid Automatic Filling Machine
Time: 2019-07-10