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This juice filling line consists of hot filling process,bottle inverting sterilizer,bottle cooling tunnel,air dryer,shrink sleeve labeling machine and PE shrink wrapping machine,which connect with conveyor,it constitutes a complete juice production line.
Satisfying different customers’different requirements about the production capacity:from 2000-30000b/h,it’s suitable for juice filling,tea filling,flavor water filling and etc.

This juice filling line can be used for PET bottle and glass bottle filling. In this hot juice filling machine,the function of fluent and fast filling action,high filling precision,hot filling process,reliable capping and low material loss makes it effectively prevent secondary pollution of the neck with high automation in the whole process.

Advantages Of The Juice Filling line

High Temperature Filling For Sterilizing

High Automation

Principle Of Negative Pressure Filling

No Bottle 
No Filling

Application Range

The following are the main types of juice bottles we have been exposed to in the past,from the most common plastic bottles to glass bottles and cans,and we all have a successful complete solution.There are no lists of opposite-sex caps,but our company has rich experience in the opposite-sex lid. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Production Process

Check Each Step Machine Of Juice Hot Filling Line Below

Semi-automatic blow molding machine

High pressure homogenizer

Ultra High Temperature Plate Sterilizer

Hot juice filling machine

Automatic carton packing machine

Automatic sticker labeling machine

Water spray cooling machine

Bottle inverting machine

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